Tongue Guru

Dentists, hygienists, and manufacturers of dental products all emphasize brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash to kill bacteria and to remove dental plaque from tooth surfaces and gum lines.

Even though tooth and mouth cleaning has significantly improved oral hygiene, surprisingly a major omission in oral hygiene is the tongue.

The tongue the largest organ in the mouth has received only occasional mention by oral health professionals. The tiny bumps on the surface of the tongue attract observable debris. Fatty and greasy foods significantly contribute to the accumulation and buildup of this debris. Simply rinsing your mouth with a strong mouthwash does not necessary remove the residue buildup from the tongue and for most people brushing their tongue is  very uncomfortable and can lead to gagging.

To address this, Tongue Guru has developed Tongue Pops, a disposable tongue scraper that not only scrapes the debris away from your tongue, but also leaves your tongue feeling fresh due to the breath-freshening strip on the cleaner.

Oral Hygiene is something we take seriously!

Every product that you purchase, Tongue Guru will donate 5% of their revenues to benefit oral cancer research.

So help spread and share the smiles.