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Dr. Perry Patel

Dr. Perry Patel received his doctorate in 1998 from UCLA School of Dentistry.
In 2002 he established his own practice in Pismo Beach. He continually attends seminars and training to incorporate the most up to date dental therapies and technologies into his office. Dr. Patel is a member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and Central Coast Dental Society, and the Spear Dental Study Club.

Vinay Jivan

Vinay received his undergraduate in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College, University of London. He then proceeded and got a masters in Electrical Engineering from FSU. He has spent over 30 years in the electronic industry working from chip design, to system design and global sales. He has a vast knowledge and experience from design to end products.

Anita Jivan

Anita is an aspiring dentist who will receive her Bachelors of Science in Biology from University of the Pacific in May of 2017. She has been helping out and providing fresh, youthful, and innovative ideas.

While practicing dentistry Dr. Perry Patel noticed that most of his patients did a reasonable job of cleaning their teeth and gums, but neglected their tongue. As a result, most of the patients had a large buildup of debris on their tongue. This debris is often the major cause of bad breath and other oral and health issues for patients. This frustrated Dr. Perry Patel because a simple procedure of scraping one’s tongue would have saved the patient time, money, and in some cases even their natural smile.

Over the last decade oral cancer has been on the rise. The term “oral cancer” actually covers a number of different cancers, but the majority of the cases are cancers of the tongue, inside of the mouth, tonsils, and the middle part of the throat.  In some cases oral cancer could have potentially been prevented if people were aware of the tongue being an important part of oral care and hygiene.

Dr. Perry Patel wanted to do something to help not only his patients, but people all around the world as well. Wondering how he could  make people clean their tongue and educate them as to the importance of the tongue in maintaining oral hygiene, he enlisted the help of engineer Vinay Jivan. Both Vinay and Dr. Patel agreed that Anita Jivan, an aspiring dentist, would be an asset to the team and enlisted her help as well.

After having many conversations and brain storming sessions, the idea of creating a tongue cleaner with a disinfecting strip sounded like the solution that might get people to clean their tongue. This led to the invention of Tongue Pops and the birth of the company Tongue Guru.

When Tongue Guru was formed all the founders agreed that the company’s goal is to promote good oral care and possibly reduce oral cancer. Hence, it was decided that 5% of all the company revenues be donated to fight oral cancer because everyone deserves to smile.

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