The Disposable Tongue Cleaner

A toothbrush is used to clean teeth, but only a few people use the conventional brush to brush their tongue to remove plaque and debris from their tongue. Conventional toothbrushes with bristles are often uncomfortable to use on the tongue and hence many people don’t use it to clean their tongue.

In Asian countries people have been using tongue scrapers for many centuries. These scrapers are typically a U shape curved metal, made from stainless steel or copper and are used to clean the tongues. These scrapers help remove plaque and debris from the tongue but do a poor job in killing the bacteria that resides on the tongue.

The Tongue Guru’s Tongue Pop not only removes the plaque and debris from the tongue but it also disinfects providing the ultimate cleanliness and freshness. Only Tongue Guru’s unique design has the cleaner’s head shaped to form the scraper that can channel the plaque and debris up the cavity away from the tongue surface, while a strip of material provides the freshening and disinfecting solution to the tongue.

Imagine having a cleaner sitting in the draw for months collecting bacteria, or having the scraper edge being pitted both situations could be harmful to the user. To avoid the bacteria build up, and to protect the safety and comfort of the user, Tongue Guru’s tongue cleaners were designed to be disposable. The tongue cleaner at most should be used a couple times and must be thrown away before the freshening/disinfecting strip has worn away.

Currently we plan to offer the product in two sizes regular and small. We also plan to offer different flavors such as peppermint, cinnamon, strawberry and lime.